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El Gordo is the common name used for the El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery, which is one of the popular Spanish state lotteries. Although this is in many ways similar to other national lotto games, it is a unique Spanish lottery game recognized by ‘Loterías y Apuestas del Estado’, which is the regulatory body for all kinds of lotteries and bets in Spain. The game is organized by the National Organization of Lotteries and Bets (ONLAE), which is among the largest lottery syndicates in Spain.

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How to Play El Gordo

El Gordo de La Primitiva simply means ‘the fat one of the primitive’. Here, primitive refers to the fat pool of prize money in Spanish national lotteries. To play El Gordo, players need to purchase the lottery tickets that are priced at €1.50 each. The tickets have numbers in the range of 1 to 50 in one grid and 1 to 9 in another, and you need to pick five in the grid of 50, and one in the grid of 9. The single number in the second grid is also known as the key number. In case you want to place multiple wagers on the same tickets, you can select 6 to 11 numbers in the same fashion. However, a single bet is eligible only for a single prize.

To win the El Gordo jackpot, all the six numbers marked in your ticket should perfectly match with the winning numbers. You can also win other prizes when you have at least 2 numbers matching with the winning numbers. In case the key number on your ticket matches the key number drawn, you get back the money you’ve invested on the ticket.

Tickets for a weekly El Gordo draw can be purchased anytime between Monday to Saturday and the draw takes place every Sunday at13.00 local time.

How to Buy El Gordo Tickets Online

El Gordo lottery tickets are available at all the lottery retail outlets in Spain and are sold for a price of €1.50. Alternatively, this game can be played online through Spain’s official site for national lotteries or through many of the other lottery syndicates that let you choose the numbers for your ticket and buy it on your behalf.

With the development in technology and the internet, not just the people of Spain but also the other countries can play this exciting Spanish lotto anywhere in the world.

Where to Buy El Gordo Tickets Online

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Besides giving access to these lottery games, these sites also provide you with useful historical information about various lotteries that can that can help you choose one that is most beneficial. To take part in El Gordo and other exciting lotteries, create an account with one of the sites, make a payment through your credit card and buy the tickets online.