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A lottery gives you a rare chance of winning a large sum of money by paying a small ticket price. The actual chance of winning the prize may be quite small, but it does not put off the millions of people who buy lottery tickets year after year, hoping that they will win. Different countries have special national lotteries and the sum that you stand to win varies with each. The eligibility criteria and participation process may also change from lottery to lottery. The U.S. has some of the best and biggest lotteries with prize money often crossing $100 million.

Where to Buy Tickets Online?

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Today, thanks to the internet, there are wonderful opportunities offered by the best lotteries even if you are not based in the countries where they are held. All you need to do is buy your lottery ticket online right from the comfort of your home in your own country. On this site you will find the best lottery sites for 2015 whether you enjoy smaller winnings or going for the grand jackpots that will change lives!

Special Offers

Top rated lottery ticket sites also have some special offers running periodically, to encourage more people to buy from them. has a very attractive ‘buy one, get one free’ offer. Under this offer, TheLotter gives you a full refund of your first purchase when you buy the next ticket. Well-established sites like these employ a number of agents placed worldwide who buy tickets for different lotteries across the world on your behalf.

Lottery Choice

Lottery ticket sites that cover a number of countries, enable you to participate in various lotteries held across the world. For example, when you sign up with, you have access to some of the biggest prize money lotteries in Italy, U.S.A, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Canada as well as US lotteries. You can take your pick from the very best lotteries by taking a look at the current jackpot sizes. These sites give you all the important details of every lottery covered, like draw time, so that you can make your decisions quickly.

Choose Secure Sites

Whenever you need to carry out some buying and selling transactions online, security is a critical factor to consider. Choosing a secure gambling site is very important when you need to buy a lottery ticket online too. Sign up with sites like that use 256 bit SSL encryption to make your transactions secure. Certification from reliable testing agencies tells you which sites are safe for you to use.

Anonymity and Privacy

Many players prefer to keep their participation in lotteries completely private. Ensure that your lottery site guarantees that your transactions will be kept confidential irrespective of whether you win or lose. Opt for a site that allows for winnings to be transferred using safe payment methods that also notify you instantly through email, SMS or other similar methods, of the transaction. This ensures that unless you choose to tell friends and family about winning the lottery, no one will ever know about your good fortune.

Choose a reputed lottery site to get all these conveniences and more when you want to participate in online lotteries. Look at the special offers it has, check its credibility and if you are satisfied you can start buying lottery tickets.

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